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Grant Writing

We’ve been taking care of our clients nationwide in the Nonprofit industry since 1988. It’s what we do. Let us help you too!

Grant Writing isn't easy!

A lot of organizations try to do their own grant writing, but it's never easy, it's never fun, and it takes away from the work you should be doing -- that is taking care of organization business!

As a multi-service agency, we offer a variety of services - and grant writing is one of them. Right now - we're offering a Special: purchase our grant writing services, and we'll include a list of potential grant funders for your organization’s programs! 

The Grant Writing & FREE Grant Funding Package includes:

Work Included?Yes!
Confidential Questionnaire and Application Forms
Review of forms to determine additional information needed & request such from The Client
Collection of data and support documentation for the proposal (unless such specifics are provided by the client)
Review and addition of support data and documentation into the proposal
A "Resources" section for cross-reference of data/documentation
Demographic information
State/City/County statistics if applicable
U.S. Census Bureau statistics if applicable
Local reports on community issues, if applicable
The Nonprofit Grants Weekly newsletter (weekly newsletter that includes grant funding tips, grant foundations, discounts and more)
21 essential nonprofit corporate business forms
Free e-book on how to find grant funding
FREE List of Potential Funding Sources, including, Federal, State, Local, Corporate and Community Foundation granting agencies and contact information
Professional “Completeness” Review
Customer support (phone, email and online)
Free first class shipping (within the Continental U.S.)
USPS Priority delivery of final package
The only additional fee we charge is if you require us to mail your package to you via overnight or next-day air delivery service, if requested, or overseas!

The final proposal will then be printed-out and mailed to you for your submission to the funding agencies! To get started today, it’s easy -- just CLICK HERE find out more information about getting your Grant Proposal and FREE Grant Funding Services.


*Please note: this special only applies to the development of a "general" proposal and does NOT include the creation of a grant proposal in response to a Request for Proposal (RFP or RFA.)

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