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Grant Writing for Nonprofits

Obama's new Recovery Act is no longer just a dream - it is a reality. The new administration has committed to providing resources to help those special nonprofits chosen to reach their full potential and will in fact network with the nonprofit sector to achieve their goals.

By using our grant writing specialists and staff to create your grant proposal, we will help you demonstrate your capabilities so the government can find you...that hidden gem they are searching for in the nonprofit sector.

Grant Writing for Nonprofits (formerly "GPRS") can help you with your RFP or RFA, Request for Proposal, Proposal, or Nonprofit Organization Development. Call us here: 1.865.236.1411 OR 1.415.234.6600. We'll free up your time and that of your staff. And we know you aren't looking for help because you're not capable - you know what you want and how to get it. The problem is that you're busy doing what you should be doing - that is running your organization, and you don't have time for the "little" things, right?!

No worries - give yourself time to manage and run your nonprofit organization and specialized programs and let GWFN handle your proposal work!

We are the industry experts and we're here to serve you. We can help you write a Grant Proposal to obtain a grant. We can also help you find grant funding for your program or project.

Grant funding agencies are starting to develop their budgets and prepare their RFP's for the New Year. This means we're getting busy fast. Call for information and an appointment date soon - before we get booked and you lose out on your opportunity for grant funding!




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