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Frequently Asked Questions

Grant Writers and Nonprofit Specialists receives questions about Grants and related topics every week such as: "Can you help me get Free Money?" "Where can we get a grant to expand our social services?" or "How do we apply for grant funding with the government for our community-based program?" and "How do we go about getting or finding funding for our youth initiative program?"


We even receive questions about other types of grants; for example, here are some questions that people have sent us, verbatim: "Can you help me find a grant to buy a house?" or "Can you get me a grant to pay off my debt?" or "Where can I get a grant for 'personal use'" and "Where is that Free Grant Money they advertise on the television?" - those answers are listed below, and we'd like you to take a moment to scroll down and read them. First, however, we have a few questions of our own for you!

  • Are you a funding researcher?
  • Do you write grant proposals every day?
  • Are you an EXPERT at this type of work?
  • If you are, do you need help to get your work done, faster, quicker, better?
  • If not, why would you try to do the work yourself?
  • Would you try to repair your engine, fix a busted water pipe in your home, work on your own root canal or operate on yourself?

Think about it...we at Grant Writers and Nonprofit Specialists are online, at the research library, dialing BBS' and even more, every day...RESEARCHING GRANT MONEY, because it's what we do all day long for our existing clients!'ll hire the best to handle those important needs like your engine, the busted water pipe, your root canal or an operation, right?


Well...grant funding, proposal writing and funding research all work the same way!

If you want the very best to handle your grant funding needs, then Grant Writers and Nonprofit Specialists is here for you and your project!  Feel free to call Travis Belcher and find out what type of payment arrangements can be made. He will make every effort to work with you.   To help you get started, we do accept Money Orders, Cashier/other checks, PalPal and Credit Cards!

So if you are ready, please give Travis Belcher a call at 1.865.236.1411 OR 1.415.612.7228 and see what Grant Writers and Nonprofit Specialists can do for you today!

Click the links to read some of our most frequently asked questions, with some straightforward answers.




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